Distinctive Stoneware Pottery
Artist’s Statement
For Robert Blue
    Robert is a master craftsman now working exclusively with stoneware clay for decorative and functional pottery. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel, altered, reassembled, and fired in a reduction atmosphere in a gas kiln. The work embodies skill, insight, and respect for the materials and process.  
“The art of making pottery is the dance I do with clay every day. Using the elements of nature: taking a piece of earth, forming it with water flowing through my hands, letting the air dry my creation, tempering the pot with fire making it permanent, is what gets me up in the morning. This ritualistic dance with nature requires an active effort of concentration and a willingness to play. That performance is the “art” resulting in a finished product that is useful in the kitchen, on the table, or as an accent to décor. The warmth and beauty crafted into each piece will touch those who use it. Its artistry functions best through daily use, through intimate acquaintance. Innovative design, rhythmic form, clarity of utility and function – these are the elements that go into each work by Blue. I have been working with clay now for over 50 years.”

            "Enjoy the fruits of our labor; we enjoyed making each piece."


SW - Soft White.  A warm soft white, creamy in texture, sometimes has a hint of a very light cinnamon look.  The accent colors on the soft white are teal and toast with streaks of black and watermelon to create a stylized southwest landscape appearance.

OSB - Oil Spot Blue.  A deep blue with navy and black speckles resembling an oil spotted effect. Accented with a snowy white with blue speckled stripe and rim, as well as a dark navy stripe.