Robert Blue was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1948.  He received a B.F.A. degree, majoring in design, from Northern Illinois University in 1972.  While teaching and directing a craft therapy program at Elgin Mental Health Center, he continued his education and received a Master’s degree in clay in 1977.  He is presently a studio potter and has been working in clay since 1968.

Bob annually participates in some 25 or so exhibitions and has won over 50 awards for his efforts.  He has also been invited to do over two dozen one-man exhibitions by museums and participated in over 60 competitions throughout the United States.  His work and statements have been published in such magazines as: Ceramics Monthly, Greater Chicago Craftsmen’s Guide, Chicago Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, The A.R.T. Catalogue, Southern Living Magazine, and a cover feature in Sunshine Artist Magazine and recently was published in McHery County Living Magazine.  He has received four grants from the Illinois Arts Council and is presently treasurer of the Clay Worker’s Guild of Illinois.  His work can be found in several museums and numerous private collections in every state in the Union as well as 17 foreign countries.  Besides the gallery above his studio, 6 Museums, 25 galleries and 26 shops currently represents him across the nation.  For locations click on "Galleries and Shops"

The work produced by Robert Blue continues in the tradition of craftsmanship passed along from master to student.  He has received a heritage that insists on an intimate relationship between form and function.  From the European masters to Blue Eagle Pottery, an inspired, reflective philosophy of art is carried on.

“The sun and planets, the earth and moon, the molecules of atoms, the cosmic forces revolving in time and space - all the same, yet each unique.  The tactile quality of roundness becomes a powerful means of communicating the beauty and craftsmanship of being centered.  The forces in play are the natural elements of life: earth, air, fire, and water.  To produce this ritualistic dance with nature requires an active effort of concentration and a willingness to play.  Innovative design, rhythmic form, clarity of utility and function - these are the elements that go into each work by Blue.

Susan Blue Galloway received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1973, from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  She studied pottery there under Richard Peeler.  She earned an M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in ceramics from Wichita State University in 1975 and began to show her work in regional exhibits and galleries.

After graduate school, Susan became the pottery instructor at McHenry County College where she started, developed, and taught the pottery program.  In addition, she taught sculpture and 3-D design.  She was on the faculty at M.C.C. since 1976 and retired in 2009, but has been an exhibiting potter since 1975.  Now that she has retired from teaching she works part time in our Studio.

After 20 years of teaching, Susan went back to school, and in 1997 received an M.F.A. in Visual Arts from Vermont College at Norwich University.

Susan is a founding member of the Clay Worker’s Guild of Illinois.  This non-profit organization is designed to educate the community about clay work, and provide local potters with a network of other amateurs and professionals.  She is a past president and current member in the Guild.

Susan currently exhibits in local galleries and regional art shows.  She has won many awards for her functional work, has done workshops, has been a judge and or juror at many art fairs in Illinois, and now has won awards for her sculptural work as well.

“Clay fascinates me.  It’s so gooey and plastic and fun to work with, and then after the fire, it’s rock-hard and permanent for thousands of years.  Each mark or fingerprint or idea I have in a pot, could last that long.”

“Each piece is a little different, unique.  Each one has a slightly different character.  As people use a pot, they discover more about it.  I want to make pots that can be used.  Making something that looks right, feels right, and works right is a continuing challenge.  My work changes and grows as my ideas change, but the central theme is always function.  And fun.  I just really like to make pots.”